BJU-1, Vietnam, 1968BJU-2, Cuba, 1962BJU-2 Little Creek NAB 1962Beach Jumper Boats, BJU-1, 1950s

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EN3 Arthur McGath, BJU2
LT Juan Moreno, FCG1
SN Art Garcia, BJU1
CDR Ingrid Rader, FIWC
LCDR Robt. Wedgeworth, FIWC
RM3 Alton 'Al' Lindley, BJU-1
RMC Herman Miller, BJU-2
ET1 / CDR William Cornwell, BJU1

RM1 Glenn A. Johnson, BJU-1
CDR David Fallen, BJU-2
RD3 Steven Droubay, BJU-1
OS3 Michael Harrington, BJU-1
E7, James Butterworth, FIWC





RD3 Charles 'Chuck' Lane
BJU1, 1963-68

b. May 7, 1944

d. October 24, 2014

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US Navy Beach Jumpers Association

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St. Johns, Florida 32259-3860

Tele. (727) 4-USNBJA

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"The Deceivers" by Thaddeus Holt

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