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Members Information Update Form 2018


  The Admin Office of the association has fallen behind with keeping the membership roster up to date. One of the reasons is that our members may have moved, changed telephone numbers or email addresses, and have not notified us of the change. Several years ago, the online member database became corrupt and could not be recovered. We need to recreate and update our files now.

  Ray O'Hara, Capt. BJU1 1966-68, has graciously volunteered to head up this project by accepting the position Membership Revitalization Chairman.

All members, past and present, kindly complete all the information on the form below and submit, so we can start to update our database.

  Once we re-establish this database, it will again be available to all of our members in the 'Members Only' section of the website.  Thank you.


Full Name          




City              State               Zip          


Telephone: (ex. 100-555-1234)             May be cell or home number


Email address           

Current membership number