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Section 4 of the Association By-laws provides for
Associate Membership

a. Widows and widowers of Association members may obtain/retain an associate membership.
b. A spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandchild, nephew or niece of an Association member may obtain an associate membership.
c. Any relative as mentioned in provision (b) above, of a deceased Beach Jumper who was not a member of the Association, may obtain associate membership upon proof of deceased having been a Beach Jumper.

A person, who shows an overwhelming interest in the Association, has had a past contact or relationship with Navy Beach Jumpers and would be an asset to the Association. Please submit a detailed resume' of your interest along
with the information requested in the right column of this page and the fee described in section II.

(Resume's will be reviewed by and determined for acceptance by the Board of Directors. A four/fifths vote, to affirm)

I. Associate members (under Sect.4 a. b. c. above) will not be required to pay dues. (donations are accepted)

II. Associate applicants (under Sect 4. d. above) will be required to submit a $50.00 one time registration fee with the application. Mail all requested information along with your check to:

US Navy Beach Jumpers Association
450-106 State Road 13N #407
St. Johns, FL 32259

III. Associate members are not eligible to hold office.

IV. Voting: Associates are permitted to offer suggestions and content for discussion at meetings if recognized by the chair. Associates may vote only on matters of a non-financial nature that brought to the floor. Associates are not permitted to vote for regular member officers or board members.

V. All Associate members are welcomed to attend reunions and other functions that are run by the Association. Associate Members will be subjected to the same registration fees that are assessed regular members.



If you qualify pursuant to Sect. 4 a, b, or c, above, and you want to join the Association as an Associate Member, please complete the form to the right:
**This form is NOT to be used a regular membership, to join as a regular member click here.

If you believe you may qualify pursuant to Sect. 4 d  above send all requested information and payment to the Admin Office at the address listed above.



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U S Navy Beach Jumpers Association

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Any information provided here is ONLY for the exclusive use of the U S Navy Beach Jumpers Association, for the purpose of personal communication between members and associates. We do not and will not release or sell any information to any companies or entities.  The only information we will post on the website is your name and associate affiliation. Telephone numbers, email and home addresses will not be posted on the website for the public to view, unless you post that information yourself on our message board. Your information will be posted in an e-file downloadable to association members only.