Saint Johns, Florida 32259

(727) 4-USNBJA






due by Jan. 31, 2017


Dues paid before January 31, 2017 will prevent your current user
login from being removed from the system on February 1, 2017.


 In order to attend reunions, make certain purchases from ships store,  be able to have access to the 'members only' section of this website, letters of recommendation, association certificates, etc., you must be a member in good standing. This requires paying your annual dues.
The Association has again partnered with PayPalfor online payment of dues through a secure server.

Upon payment of your 2017 dues, your current username and password will be retained in the system. New members will be emailed a unique username and password for access to the 'members only' section.
An icon for the 2016 dues is in the bottom right column for those who forgot to pay last years dues.  Any member in arrears must pay for previous year dues (2016) then the current year (2017) to be a member in good standing.

 ALL reunion information we be posted in
the 'members only' section.

Thank you,

The Executive Board





(Regular Members Only)
REMINDER: Members who have reached their
80th birthday are exempt from paying dues.
Just email Admin with your DOB and we will
email you your login codes. The roster will show a
Life Member logo by your name.

Doing that will cause a delay in processing!
First time NEW member applications, payment
now will carry you thru Dec. 31, 2017.





This link for 2017 dues ONLY


When paid today will carry you through
to December 31, 2017

Login codes will remain the same when dues is paid by Jan.31st.
2017 login codes will be emailed when payment is received
after Jan. 31st.
The email subject line will read: 2017 dues receipt
Please print and save the email.








This link for 2016 dues ONLY

Dues in arrears? Use this link first before paying
your 2017 dues with above link






Official PayPal Seal

MEMBERSHIP DUES for those who wish to send in by check or money order:

Make check or money order in the amount of $25.00, payable to:

'US Navy Beach Jumpers Association'
mail to:

US Navy Beach Jumpers Association
450-106 State Road 13N, #407

St. Johns, Florida 32259-3860

Telephone: (727) 4-USNBJA

Dues should be paid no later than January 31, 20176

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